Welcome to the Psychotherapy practice of Colin Amato, M.S. Marriage and Family Therapist Intern. I am committed to helping my clients find inner strengths to navigate the challenges of life.

I believe in a collaborative approach where I am a partner during counseling as opposed to being the expert. I wish to help you explore the deeper aspects of who you are and the troubles that are currently dealing with at this time. 

My approach to therapy is rooted in family systems and psychodynamic psychotherapy. I believe that by understanding your most important relationships, and how these have contributed to who you are as a person, will help you grow during the counseling process. I also believe in the power of the unconscious part of the psyche: the importance of dreams, fantasy, and imagination; as well as the healing power of the therapeutic alliance.

I have particular experience helping in the following areas:

Individuals, young adults, and adolescents: depression, anxiety, sexuality and sexual identity, spirituality, existential issues, and struggles with family of origin.                     

Couples and Family:  Communication issues, repairing relationship dysfunctions, repairing trust issues.